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The main idea is to search for the deepest of the human being. The sound as an expressive element represents the imaginative and endless journey towards an ethereal atmosphere beyond the physical body.
Olmedo Quimbita

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Every work of art is a mystery which is hard for the reason to figure out.
Thus, that mystery is magnified in the work of artist Olmedo Quimbita, whose colors and personalities represent a tropical that through his creativity (angel or dwarf) the artist shifts to the category of fiction, from the fiction that is daily life.
Belisario Betancourt
Ex-President del Colombia.

When looking at the paintings, first what catches your attention is their beauty and the power of the color. Then, we try to understand what you can find behind the sensual or tender shapes of Quimbita, from the closed eyes, the light that seems to come from the vivid characters and at the same time from behind, like a halo. Maybe, precisely, that pressure and apparent antinomy are the origins of such beauty.
Sixto Durán Ballén.
Ex-President of Ecuador.

Quimbita obras Quimbita Obras 2 Murals of Quimbita to beautify overpasses, commissioned by Mayor of Guayaquil Abg. Jaime Nebot. Location: Av. Portete between Calle Quito and Venezuela. Centro Civico. Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador
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